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Volgens Rolling Stone Magazine USA 1 van de 10 country artiesten om te volgen in 2018.

Nu ‘gewoon’ op Belcrum Beach in samenwerking met One, Two, Trash.

Zoals het er nu uit ziet zal DJ Casper Bal tussendoor lekkere platen draaien. 

Mies en Plage zal lekkernijen uit de Tennessee keuken bereiden.

Info Pat Reedy

Sounds Like: Gritty AM-country gold spinning on a truck-stop jukebox.

For Fans of: Dale Watson, Cody Jinks, Merle Haggard's "Workin' Man Blues".

Why You Should Pay Attention: Pat Reedy knows a few things about an honest day's work.
At 36, the self-professed jack-of-all-trades doesn't balance his music dreams with a flexible
service-industry gig like many other artists. Instead he prefers construction, sweating and
swearing on the high-rises going up all around Nashville. Before that he was an oil-drilling
roughneck and a surface miner, among other adventures, and that blue-collar, salt-of-the-earth
approach shows up big time in his music. Drawling, a little rough around the edges, and delivered
with a booming baritone that could be heard over a bulldozer, Reedy's tunes are simple and
sincere throwbacks to the straight-talking country of the 1970s and before.
"I like the shit Waylon Jennings rebelled against, and I like the shit he did," Reedy says.
On the 12 tracks that make up That's All There Is (out April 6th), Reedy calls it like he sees it,
celebrating calloused hands and quitting time in a way that's rare in today's mainstream.